has anyone juice fasted x 3 days?

ok so i've done the 3-4 apple juice fast several times in the last year. the only good thing coming out of it is it does clean out my system. and although its just water weight that i'm losing, i know that it has cleansed my organs out b/c of all the waste that comes out. it's kind of gross, but it feels so good to walk around and be light again. amazing how much a litte bit of food weighs you down. but is juice fasting a bad idea? i've read up on it a lot. many sites suggest not to do it especially if one has an ED. i've also read that it slows the metabolism way down. but i don't see how it can slow the metabolism if i'm consuming 800-900 cals of all juice vs. on a typical day only consuming <600 on food. ?? anyone have suggestions? what slows metabolism worse? eating less than 1000 qd, or fasting short term x 3-4 days? and then easing foods back in over the next week. ??
2nd part:
i'm 26. stats: hw: 122(in treatment)lw: 89/stgw: 110/ltgw: 105/cw: 114
i joined the gym 2.5 weeks ago. work out 4-5 x's a week. will be working out with a personal trainer biweekly. he's going to help me get in shape but is asking that i eat 80 grams of protein qd, and eat 1000 cals. qd in order to get the results i desire.
3rd part:
i have a question to those who may know why this is happening. over the last 6 months, some how my body has gained or held onto water weight or i'm storing everything i eat b/c of calorie restriction has been restricted soo much over the last 3 years. i've had an ED x 12 years. i know that my body is getting really messed up by my head and my ed. i'm getting really freaked out as to why i keep gaining weight. if i keep gaining, i think i'm going to kill myself!! i hate feeling this way. plz help if you got some answers. thx
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hey. so i went 9 days on just water. i did really good, no slips...and i had a lot of energy. then...the 10th day was a blow to the head. i freaked out over a salad i had, and from then on, the whole day was eat...purge...eat...purge. i threw up so much. i felt so stupid. now, i'm trying to get back to thinking clearly and not eating. and if i do i have to keep my limit under 200.
quick question...have any of you fallen down to your goal weight, kept it for a while, then your weight sprung back up, leaving you in the endless battle to get it back down to where you liked it? ok, so in '05 i was able to get down to my goal weight of 92, then dropped 3 more pounds. i was able to maintain it for one year, then it inched back up to 105/110 range over the last 3 years. i usually maintain around 105, which isn't bad, but i am trying desperately in every regard to get atleast down to 95 so i can feel good about myself and stay sane. but i am stumped as to what or how to do it. i'm a vegetarian and try really hard not to eat breads/carbs, no sugar, and try to eat just fruits and veggies, but even then i feel bad about eating, so i try to only take in water. but i have no weightloss !!! i am really angry at my body b/c it's not acting the way most bodies would if they were being starved. most people lose weight when they don't eat: right?
i know that eating some protein would probably help, but then that means i'd have to eat and once i put anything in my mouth i feel this HUGE guilt trip, and i get really tired after i eat anything. does anyone get tired after they eat anything? i injured my left foot about 3 months ago, and cant exercise too much b/c then i can't walk. i walk 3-5 miles at work every day so i am still getting in exercise. i drink 80-96 oz h20 every day. i take vitamins. i cannot figure out what i need to be doing to lose weight. anyone have suggestions? i know that i've created a plateau in my weight and i just need to find a way down the plateau. help!!!
age: 25
height: 5'8
cw: 105
hw:122 (in treatment)
stgw: 96
ltgw: 92
does everyone still get their periods? when i weighed around 94 i lost my period x's 6 months. i just really hate my period. i want to lose it. i hate how it makes me feel, what it does to me: bloat me up into a fucking balloon. my boobs hurt. are there any supplements to rid these symptoms? i read that 600 IU of calcium a day helps, but i haven't tried that.
also, another question for someone to answer: after walking around all day at work, my knees and legs swell. i know it's water retention, but has anyone worn ted hose, or support hoses? once you start wearing them, do you always have to wear them? i have this thought in my head that if you start to wear them, you have to always wear them? is this true? anyone know?
hope everyone is good. my email is ashleeanderson@hotmail.com or butterfly_ashes23@yahoo.com
thank you soo much for your help.

Would LoVe Feedback. I don't know how to do cuts. Sorry.


I think one reason that I haven't improved too much in my e.d. mentally is because I am so attached to it. I have been ana for so long that it is just a major part of who I am and I am embedded in my ana thoughts. They come, unbidden. Lately, I eat much much much better. a) I actually eat. b) I eat healthy. Protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats, etc. But I eat more because I NEED to than because I WANT to. I only taste food a little. Just enough to know if it is still good (not expired like a bad strawberry or something) and whether or not I like the taste of the food or not (i.e. V8). 

At my niece's 1st Birthday Brunch, there was a big Elmo birthday cake, a box of cookies, a box of donuts number ones, etc. Although most everyone was at one end of the table, I sat clear on the other side so I could be next to the fruit basket. This fruit basket unfortunately also contained chocolate-dipped fruit as well. I put one on my plate. Just for show, you know? I found myself staring at it, rather repulsed. So I'm eating my fruit, admiring my beautiful little Arielle, dressed in her Little Miss Birthday shirt, when my sister-in-law, asks me if I've tasted the donut 1 yet. "It's delicious!" she exclaimed. "You should try it. It's okay to treat yourself sometimes, Linds." I slowly and silently count to three before answering. "No thanks. I'm not really a donut person. You should try this fruit! So fresh and juicy!" She is staring at me a little. Or maybe I imagine she is. Either way, I pick up the chocolate fruit on my plate and take a big bite. "Besides I am treating myself. Chocolate fruit!" She grins, nods, and turn away. When her back is turned I pick up my napkin and spit out most of it and take a deep swig of milk. SO not worth it, I think, The chocolate definitely ruins it. I nervously glance around. No one noticed. Mom is talking to Rachel. Brett is feeding Arielle. My sister-in-law is eating her donut and talking with my brother who is getting up from the table to go watch some game on TV. Uncle Mel and Aunt Muriel are eating their desert in the family room where some spors game is about to start. I already had eaten a lot of fruit and there is a lot of the chocolate-covered fruit left over. I gingerly pick one off the stick and, with my fingers and a fork, pry off the chocolate part. Ah. Nice clean apple underneath. Much better. 

I can't really imagine life without my e.d. Yet, because I now weight train, I recognize the need to be healthy. On the other hand, some sick part of me kind of likes the mean ana voice. Maybe because she helps me to reject the foods that will make me fat. Or properly scolds me once I've accidentally eaten trigger foods. Maybe because my ana voice sounds an awful lot like my mom and I love her even though she criticizes me all the time. I LIVE with my mom and she's a HUMAN freakin' TRIGGER. You can't get away from her if you wanted! Well, anyway, sometimes it's just easier to just take it. You know? Fighting this thing is THE hardest thing ever. The mind-set is the most difficult part. As long as I eat like I've been lately - healthy - and don't go back to being _ _ lbs. with no period, this is good. Who cares if I still mentally abuse myself if I eat cake like once every five years!? I don't because I don't like cake! Dessert (the sweet, decadent type) is more like a force-feeding for me than something I enjoy. Because I KNOW that later I will regret it. I will probably weigh myself over and over so I can see exactly what I've done to myself. Step on, wait. Step off. Let the scale shut off. Turn scale on. Step on, wait. Step off. Me? Extreme? Nah! I don't know where my parents get these crazy ideas. lol 

I would LoVe feedback to all this. So Please Please Please comment! I need to talk WITH someone. Thanks for reading.

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clothes that fit!

Where do you find clothes that fit and flatter your body?  I've bought some suits at Macys (my workplace attire is business-formal) but even the size 2-petites are too small for me (well the blazers are anyway; unfortunately thats not the case with the trousers).  I've gotten a few tailored but the main probably is really in the shoulder / upper arm / arm pit area (as my chest is very small), where it's hard to adjust.  I just look sloppy-- and unnecessarily fat-- when I wear it.  Where do you guys find clothing that fits your small frame?

Being noticed

Anyone else notice that people look at them differently based on their weight?  As I get thinner, I notice guys checking me out more... (which sucks since I"m a lesbian.. but I don't look it.. anyway it's still flattering).. But it certainly does nothing to encourage me to gain again. 
Just curious what other people's experiences have been.
old me

(no subject)

tummy is hungry
and eyes are so heavy
it feels like a milllion pounds is on top of me
oh wait its hanging from my belly!!!

my lil one shes soo pretty
i wonder sometimes what she sees in me
i wonder what her father thinks when he sees me naked
he must think she soo stupid
how could she let herself get soo fat
how could she think we'll love her back
put on some clothes your a wreck...

blah i cant even write
i feel like shit and full of envy
oneday that skinny girl
that will be me!!
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(no subject)

hurray!!! the period is over... im three lbs lighter...
does anyone have diet plans where they have lost dramatic weight in a short period of time? im doing the sacred heat diet right now... any others???
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want i want to be again

(no subject)

the scared heart diet... ive been on now for four days and have fallowed it perfectly without a flaw at least to the directions i looked up online and well let me tell you... i have only lost maybe 1 lb.. and your suppose to lose 5-7 lbs in the first three days.. im praying its only because im comming off my period. but the weight better come off!!!!
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Update on my night on the town

Well when I got on the scale this morning I braced myself for some scary uppage......... but surprisingly, I weighed in again at 99.0!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging, but really, I am so happy with how things are going for me. ::knock on wood:: I've finally found a plan I can stick with and I'm pretty happy with my body (tummy/hips/thighs could still use some shrinkage, but all in good time) and happy with my food. 

Anyways, point being, I hope I can be of help to anyone here who is struggling, because it has taken me a LONG time to get here; lots and lots of trial and error.. and honestly, there's a good chance this won't last forever, but while it does, I"ll take it!!!

Aight.. time to go take my Sunday afternoon siesta.. and then hit the treadmill... A perfect day!

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